Fall Happenings

The time has flown by again, the seasons have turned from summer to autumn to that quiet time when the leaves have fallen and the world, as May Sarton says, is "honed down to structure."  We've been busy with so many new experiences.

The college hunt has continued.  We visited Wheaton College which has rapidly risen to the top of the list. This college was originally a women's college and, because of this, has many old traditions which the students seem to venerate.  The curriculum and offerings seem well-matched to our girl as well. Helen has visited twice and interviewed.

Plus, after the tour, they provide you with Wheaton m&m's. What more could you want?

We also toured Bennington College. Helen truly loved this small, non-traditional school. The dorms were some of the homiest we have seen. Bennington is one of the 10 most expensive colleges in the country--we shall see what the financial aid department has to say on this one.

I thought we had successfully navigated through the Common Application process/problems until we received a letter from a college today saying that an application was incomplete....the website says all is in order.  Next we have one more evening of uploading applications and then on to the financial aid apps.  It's a huge project.

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