Saying Goodbye to Summer

The final weekend of the summer brought some well-loved traditions that mark the end of summer.

We brought delicious field tomatoes and the first apples of the season up into the mountains for a picnic as a last time together before school began.

It was lovely to have the time to sit and think about the beginning of the year and all the changes about to come.

While going up into the mountains felt like a goodbye to summer, our first cookout at the fire pit felt like a giant "hello" to Fall. We'll be at the fire pit more and more as the weather cools down.

Our other "hello" to Fall was the first day of school.
Helen is a Senior and Liz is a Freshman!

They drove off together which felt very strange. So many changes.

The evenings are getting darker and we have brought out our oil lamps to the porch.
I imagine we will be inside soon!

Susan  – (September 27, 2013 at 8:42 PM)  

Oh, what a view from your mountain!

Your post made me think of how each season brings spectacular change and a whole new view. Sometimes I embrace the changes with joy, and other times I am reluctant to let go of the wonders of the passing days.

What lovely young women your daughters have grown to be!

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