The hills are alive.....

Our musical summer began with Liz heading off for 9 days of singing with Village Harmony. 
The retreat center where they rehearsed was located high in the hills on a gorgeous farm.

They sang and sang and sang. Liz brought her mandolin (complete with her handmade duct-tape strap) and leaned some new cords to play at their final concert.

Later in the summer she headed to Johnson State College to play with the Green Mountain Youth Symphony.

She got to spend ANOTHER week in a gorgeous spot. Here's the view from her dorm room.

I found lots of photos on her phone. This might be my favorite!

Liz had been losing interest in her violin, but this week renewed her passion and she is rejoining the symphony this fall!

She made some good friends and these final two photos sum up Liz's summer. 
It was a very, very happy summer filled with music and friendships.

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