Fall Catch-Up

Why Hello! I'm not sure where the time has gone since school began......Here's what we've been up to....not sure how long these photos will remain up if they are discovered by the girls. My ability to post family photos is fading as they get older....

We celebrated the beginning of Fall with a cookout in the woods.

Liz was made principal violinist for the 2nd violins with Green Mountain Youth Symphony. Here she is with her teacher working on the all-important bowings. She's had a lot of practicing to do this fall.

She spent a week in Acadia on her class trip. They hiked, kayaked, hiked, and hiked a bit more. 
It was a wonderful trip.

Michaelmas brought "St. George and the Dragon"

and the dragon oven filled with pizzas.

It also brought a big family work day for us as we chipped the many trees Nelson had cut all summer.
Good, hard work on a crisp, fall day.

There was a hurricane with flying leaves to catch for luck.

 and a magical Halloween night of food, friends, and fun.

 Liz was a "White Lie."

Helen rowed crew,

was on the crew for A Midsummer Night's Dream,

and went to her first college fair.

And, finally, there was lots and lots of knitting (to be shared in another post when I can round it all up).

Tracy  – (November 14, 2012 at 1:03 PM)  

Great to "see" you here again! My 12yo does not want to be featured in blog posts anymore so i feel your pain. On to the next stage! Love seeing your family grow!

Nan  – (November 20, 2012 at 10:28 PM)  

And then suddenly they are in their twenties and thirties, and don't mind a bit being on the blog. :<)
You really have such a wonderful life, Sarah, and I love how you share it with your readers. It will be a great history to look back on in future days.

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