Prepare, Aim, Fire

Yesterday was a beautiful autumn day. I looked out the window and saw this scene in the backyard. Here was Lou working on creating a sharp point at the end of a very long beech sapling.

The carving continued where she removed the bark from the center of the stick for a handgrip. I imagine you're thinking she's creating some cool Vermont hunting weapon. There are hunters in the woods now, after all.

She was making a javelin. In Waldorf fifth grade, the children study ancient cultures including Greece. In PE they prepare all year for a 2-day pentathlon where children from several schools in VT and NY gather, divide into city-states, and then compete in javelin, discus, long jump, wrestling, and running.

Lou's class has just begun the javelin and she loves it so much, she decided to make her own at home. Of course, in school it's a real javelin. She wanted to share how to throw the javelin. The form of how one prepares to throw is judged as much as how far the javelin is thrown.

Take your stand!

Look behind!


Kiss for luck!
Do you think the Greeks did that?


Here is a picture of Helen in a toga at her Greek Olympiad

Penny  – (October 23, 2009 at 10:57 AM)  

Awesome :)

I love the kiss and the peace sign, no worries of hunting weapons there!

Dawn  – (October 23, 2009 at 1:15 PM)  

Oh, how fun! My daughter is in a track and field program each spring, but they don't do javelin...wish they did.

Maribeth  – (November 3, 2009 at 8:37 AM)  

I love this. And the kiss is perfect.

Castlequeen  – (November 4, 2009 at 4:05 AM)  

I discovered your blog from TeachingHandwork and I find it very inspiring and have subscribed as a feed. I am Mum to two boys 4 & 7 who attend a Waldorf kindy/school in New Zealand. I also co-orindate the parent and child group. I love crafting too. I am very keen to hear how you incorporate Waldorf at home with your schooled children - so many blogs are by homeschoolers. HOw does one do it without giving the children a "double shift" or taking away the precious sibling free play? Careful balance I guess. How do you plan things? I have been thinking about these things for awhile but found no where suitable to ask. If you have covered this is a previous post would you please let me know where I may find it.

Warm Spring blessings from down under.

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