Summer Craft--Hemp Anklet

Don't you remember spending lots of time with hemp and gimp in the summer? Last summer friendship bracelets made with embroidery floss were on all our ankles. This summer it's hemp. H is making them by the dozen.

To make a hemp anklet (from H):
Measure out two pieces of hemp (or kitchen string). One piece should be at least 6 feet long. The other can be shorter--maybe 4 feet. Fold them in half and knot them.

Tape the knot to the top of a piece of cardboard or a magazine. The two longer pieces should be on the outside. The two shorter pieces are in the middle and then taped to the bottom of the cardobard.

To begin, take the long left thread and make a "4" over the two center threads.

Take the right-hand thread. pull it down over the left-hand thread, then under the centers, up through the hole of the "4" and pull it tight (like tying a shoe).
If you always begin with the left thread, the knots will spiral around. If you alternate left and right, the knots will be flat.

When you want to add a bead, thread one up the middle two strings and then just continue on with your knots.

To finish: Untape and tie a knot at the bottom.

Ankles and feet are not very photogenic, are they? I couldn't share the rest of her foot....

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