Making Books

A favorite field trip for H and E is to my friend Susan Bonthron's studio, Otter Pond Bindery. It is a glorious studio, sitting by a pond at a little crossroads in the woods. Today I had a meeting with Susan, so she set them free in her studio while we met.

The result were little books bound with waxed string and tied closed with a button. She had left out the materials and had pre-cut the paper.

They then went outside and sketched for about a half hour using what Susan and I call "view finders." 5" squares of whiteboard that have squares cut out of the inside. They help to frame a view.

I think the view finder really helped E to find a focal point in a big garden and H to narrow down which part of the studio to draw.

I love taking my girls to meet accomplished artists and craftspeople in their studios. They get the opportunity to see people creating beautiful work with beautiful materials.

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