"Four corners to your bed...

...four angels 'round your head.
One to watch, two to pray,
one to keep all fears away.

Blessings on your sleep."

I have said this blessing just about every night for 10 years now. Both girls often lock eyes with me while I say it, then smile and give me a big hug afterwards. I'll be sad when they've outgrown it. Perhaps I'll just have to say it to N once we're empty-nesters.

For a long time, we had one other ritual to "Four Corners" as it is called. One evening H was quite nervous about something scary in her room. I stood back, waved my hands over her bed and constructed a gigantic "bubble" over her bed. I then "unzipped it" reached in, and gave her a kiss being careful to zip it up afterwards. I said "here's a bubble full of love and safety for you to sleep in." For many years, after "Four Corners," they had to then get "the bubble."

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