Anne of Green Gables Land

We just arrived home from a week at Prince Edward Island and the Bay of Fundy. We started off our trip at Cavendish visiting the Village of Avonlea. At first glance our hearts sank a little bit. It felt very artificial but as the morning progressed, we began to see beyond some of the commercial aspects. The actors turned out to be wonderful local musicians who sang songs and told stories about life on the island. H and I spent some time talking to one of the fiddlers after a performance and discovered that she had her own CD. On the CD were a number of fiddle tunes that H had played as well as a fiddle tune written by one of N's ex-girlfriends! She then went on to recommend several ceilidhs to attend in the area.

E very much enjoyed seeing parts of the book acted out. H squirmed with all the Anne and Gilbert interactions. They both loved trying raspberry cordial. I was most excited by the crokinole game going on. I used to play this game by the hours with my cousins and I have always wanted one. This board, made on PEI, was gorgeous. In crokinole, you shoot wooden disks onto the board, trying to push your opponents out.

We found Marilla weaving a shawl on a celtic tri-loom. It was very interesting as we'd never seen such a loom before. The tightness of the weave is determined by the size of the yarn rather than the beater.

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