Bittersweet Times

We sent our first-born off to college last month and it has taken me all this time to feel ready to write about it.  It has been a bittersweet time.

We all made the drive. We all settled her in. Nelson built her a set of portable drawers. Liz unpacked her desk. I made her bed.  We left her for the night, relieved we didn't have to say "goodbye" just then.
The next day was filled with ceremony--bagpipers, processions, photographs, and speeches.
It was a lovely welcome for the class of 2018.

It had to end, however, and it was so hard.
It was so hard to watch these two sisters say their farewells.

We let her go.
She walked toward her dorm. We walked to the car and began the journey home.

We were OK though. We knew she was in the right place. We knew she was ready.
And we really knew all would be well when we received the text that she had baked cookies--slice and bake on foil--but nevertheless a treat for her entire hall.

Since then, we've learned a lot.
We've learned how to Skype. And, wow, do we live for those moments of seeing our HAPPY girl.

We've learned how to mail all sorts of crazy these stilts.

We've rearranged the table which is now set for three.

And, we've learned that we're still a family, growing up just the way we're supposed to be.
We have one girl spreading her wings and one girl nestled in and getting more attention from her parents. It is just as it should be.

 We miss our girl, but we are all GOOD. 

Francesca  – (September 11, 2014 at 10:07 PM)  

What a lovely family!!! In some ways we are doing a similar husband is down in Boston for his cancer treatment and we are happy when we have him home over the weekend. It will be over soon enough(although the worst hasn't happened yet) and we will think about this period as a moment in our life together. We grow. Your family grows. Bittersweet. Good luck!

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