Happy 17th Birthday

I am pretty sure Helen will make me take this photo down as soon as she sees it, so enjoy it while you can.  She just celebrated her 17th birthday and all she really wanted was to have "can cakes."  I had made these for Lizzie's birthday in February and they now seem to be the family birthday cake.  She wanted to help make them, but was also feeling hipster for some reason so is wearing "hipster" glasses while filling the cans with cake batter.

Liz also wanted in on the cake fun.  Here she is starting to layer them after they had cooled in the cans--I used 16 oz tomato cans that I filled 1/2 way with cake.

We put the cakes on the birthday board which you can read about here. It was made by the girls' Great-Great Grandfather.  Another tradition we now seem to have is that I am to make a new table runner. I am happy to do this as I prefer to have something we can reuse than paper party goods. Helen chose red for her color.  She took off her hipster glasses at cake time :)

She had a quiet birthday this year. Between Godspell, the May Fair and other events, her birthday just slipped into the stream of life this year.  It's OK. Helen says the "big birthdays" are 16 and 18!

sarah  – (June 5, 2013 at 5:37 PM)  

Happy birthday to Helen! 17 is a glorious age. I love the look of those cakes!

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