Santa Lucia

Today Liz's class got to participate in Santa Lucia. Here's my friend lighting the crown on her daughter's head--the oldest girl in the school.

Santa Lucia walked through each classroom, accompanied by the 2nd grade who delivered buns to each child. The 8th graders were also dressed in white and did the singing.

I love this photo of Liz's feet. So much for matching footwear!

Saffron buns are traditional, but few of the children actually like saffron buns and there are a lot of gluten-free children at the school.
Not sure if they made a change this year or not. 

Here is the parade of second graders waiting to bring buns to a class.

I was happy to get to stay and take some photos. The Santa Lucia tradition never became one of our family traditions, so this was the last time for us. So many endings this year. Here's Helen's final Santa Lucia.

kristin  – (December 13, 2012 at 5:45 PM)  

I love these sweet traditions. I'll bet it is a great honor to be saint Lucia and must be so fun for Helen having had other roles on the festivities.

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