Catching up on Summer Happenings

Labor Day is almost here and I find myself with a few moments to catch up with summer happenings.  A few weeks ago we went down to Florida to visit with Nelson's parents. It was a joyful reunion as it is 6 months from their big accident.

The girls had a marvelous time with the golf cart. Liz got to drive and the quote of the week was "wow, this is different from Mario Cart."

Here I am with my in-laws. Wes is home, up and walking. The last time I had seen him he was on a ventilator and unable to even push the call-button for the nurse.

We had another wonderful reunion this summer. Here I am with my brother and our cousin Miriam. We hadn't seen here in over 10 years.

My parents celebrated their 40th anniversary this summer. They cut their wedding cake with a sword so I found a sword for this cake.  I couldn't find a saber, so they ended up using a Spanish broadsword I had borrowed from a friend. It was very fun!

For me, summer is always family time. I was so happy to have these gatherings.

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