From Village to Village

Both Liz and Helen have recently returned from singing camp.  Village Harmony is this fun concept where musicians go around the world to tiny villages to collect songs. They bring them back to the U.S. and then offer singing camps and retreats for teens and adults. 

After the participants learn all the music they go on tour to tiny villages in Quebec and New England. The villages put together potluck dinners and host the teens.  So, the villages all come together in many ways though food, music, and fellowship.  One of Liz's concerts was in this church. I'm not sure how big the town is, but there are 46 kids in the REGIONAL school.

Her group was the youngest. They were together for nine days and gave two concerts near their rehearsal space. The music was from South Africa, the Ukraine, Israel, Quebec, and New England.  Liz fiddled and had her very first solo.   In this video she's on the left in the blue dress fiddling.

Our girls have gotten so much out of these experiences.

Simmy  – (July 18, 2012 at 3:33 PM)  

Hi Sarah,

Are they the same as Northern Harmony who came to our school last year and sang? They were wonderful ...........


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