Helen and Liz's Great Adventure

We went to Washington because I had some work to do in the National Archives with some other teachers. While we worked in the Archives, the kids explored the National Mall on their own (and at times with another parent).  Here are some photos I found on their phones after coming home. It was fun to see the city through their eyes.  Their photos really reflect their interests.

I actually took this photo--they were lighting a candle for their Papa at the Cathedral. It brought tears to my eyes.

Botanic Garden--hundreds of these photos on the phone!

 Sculpture Garden

Everywhere they went they seemed to find these little pockets of nature. Here they are hanging out waiting for me at the Archives. I am glad they got a bit of independence on this trip.

They also had a big adventure--one day they decided to go around to the Embassies and ask for brochures for a "school project."  The German Embassy didn't take kindly to their foray and actually let them cool their heels in a locked glass room for quite awhile.  Imagine my surprise when they came running up to me at the end of the day to tell me they had been "locked up in the German Embassy."  --before you all think I'm a terrible parent, however, you should know they were with an adult chaperone at this point in the trip!

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