Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a time for candlelight. It is a time when one desires nothing more than family and soft music. Who can say what passes through our hearts on Christmas Eve? Strange thoughts, undefinable emotions, and sudden tears-- All this and more, unbidden, come without reason.

And we burn our candles
For this is Chrismas Eve.

Our evening brought singing, stories, and the final lighting of our Advent Spiral.

Christmas Eve is not a time to be merry, but quietly glad. It is the proper time to wish upon a star. It is a time of wonder, of thankfulness that life is still being created anew out of darkness. It is a time of quiet awakening to beauty.
And we burn our candles
For this is Christmas Eve.

Our evening brought a walk with lanterns, under the starry sky.
We wondered at the stars, left food for the wild animals, and scurried inside as coyotes howled all around us.

Christmas Eve is a time of memory, When one remembers past happiness and love And often sighs for the good that might have been. Peace on earth.
And we burn our candles
For this is Christmas Eve.

Our evening ended with steamy cups of tea and the opening of our handmade Christmas gifts.

The Christmas Eve blessing is from Celebrating Christmas, edited by Carl Seaburg. We read from this book every year.

Tammy  – (December 29, 2010 at 7:28 PM)  

LOL...I have to say I love blog feed. ;)

I just read another post of yours, sighed with contentment and feelings of how nice it was to see and read. Then I clicked out (prepared to move on to another place in the blogging world), and my next post that popped up was another of your family.

Many smiles here at my computer. :) :) :)

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