Carnival of Nightstands II

The other day, Tracy, put up a post called Carnival of Nightstands. It included a photo of nightstands in her house and then a link back to the original post by Lissa. When I surfed over to Lissa's post, I discovered a book written by my mother on her nightstand. So, inspired, I took photos of our nightstands.

I have always thought I had a pretty tidy house....but it's amazing to look at a corner of your home through the lens of a camera!

Here's H's nightstand, complete with unmade beds (she has a friend staying with us right now). They have been spending hours listening to a Tamora Pierce book on CD and drawing thus all the papers and stuff on the floor. It's a wonder I don't break a leg when I come in to give her Four Corners.

E's nightstand is a little more interesting. It includes her Easter bunny from last year, a box she painted, an elf clog, a "dinosaur egg", and a marble inside a little china box!

N's nightstand is a bit more tidy. He's currently reading a lot of Tich Nhat Han. There's the residue of thread and stuff from some mending I did recently on the lower shelf.

My nightstand is piled high with books that I've read awhile ago or intend to read someday. The current books I'm reading are in a pile on the floor.

It's time for some January organizing. The only positive thing I can say about these nightstands is that they are DUST FREE!

Dawn  – (January 10, 2008 at 10:14 AM)  

This was a fun post. It was fun to see your nightstands- a little peek into your home. You definitely look like a family of readers and that's a great thing to be!

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