A Deep Clean

The past two weekends have been filled with cleaning and organizing--windows washed, cupboards cleaned out, woodwork washed, silver polished. All of this in preparation for the weeks ahead. I really can't relax and enjoy the holidays unless the house is clean down to its bones. I know that I'm the only one who will know that the bathroom cupboards have been wiped and that the windowsill behind the couch has been dusted, but I still have to do it.

Much to everybody's joy, it has gotten colder and snowed! We've been trying on the snowboots, moving rocks and wood out of the way of the plow, and generally cleaning up outside as well.

...all in preparation for this most special time of year. I'm feeling very satisfied and ready for the fires, the puzzles, the pies, and the good cheer!

H drew this today as a welcome for all the family who begins to arrive on Wednesday.

Susan  – (November 18, 2007 at 10:25 PM)  

H's chalk drawing is beautiful. It truly captures the magic of the season. Ooooh, I wish we had snow! I am originally from Syracuse, NY, and it snowed about five inches there last week. My sister-in-law was telling me about on the telephone the other day when her dogs started barking like crazy. "Is someone at the door?" I asked. "No," she said, "there's a buck in the yard." H's picture reminded me of that.

I do the deep-cleaning-before-the-holidays thing, too.

tracy  – (November 19, 2007 at 3:12 PM)  

Isn't it funny - I too have the cleaning fever worse than I do in the spring! Saturday the basement got the treatment and yesterday it was the classroom. And we're not even having company!

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