Christmas Letters Over the Years

Christmas 1954

Once again it is time to send our Christmas greetings. With time at a premium, we are trying an experiment with some sort of a copying machine, which first requires typing...

...when we went to New Hampshire for the summer, the livestock was carried as follows: all baby chicks in one cage, roosters in another, and the hens in a third, all cages piled carefully on the back seat of the car: the 2 rabbits in a basket on the floor; the ten turkeys in a cage in the trunk...

...the highlight of the summer was a visit to the Ginger and Pickles Store and Doll Museum run by Tasha Tudor and her husband. The kids and their dolls were invited back for a doll teaparty...

...I think these are the highlights of the year except for the skunk who ate one of our bantams, and whose tail is still tacked to our shed up country...

...and so the stories about pets, broken arms, children, teas with Tasha Tudor, hanging with Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, and then stories of grandchildren and great grandchildren go all the way until 2001 when the letters end and my dear Grandmother passed away.

I know that some people find Christmas letters impersonal, but I have a deep love of them because of this collection from my Grandmother Missy. My family history is right in this notebook of Christmas letters and it is one of my most treasured possessions. N and I began writing Christmas letters the first year we were married. While Missy was a little verbose, we've tried to keep our letter down to a page. I wonder if Missy's approach is better in the long run. Perhaps this year, we'll get into a few more details. While my old college friends might groan, I think our children and grandchildren will thank us.

Jennifer  – (November 29, 2007 at 8:24 AM)  

Oh, how very lovely to have all those memories from so many years back!
I'm a big fan of the newsy family newsletter - full of the little daily memories and the big adventures and the sense one gets of the real family. Since I began blogging, I don't write one to send to everyone, but I always write one for my own records (and my husband writes a yearly letter to the kids which he saves for their grown up days). Such memories of the daily-ness of life will be such a treasure... they already are to me!

Karin  – (November 30, 2007 at 8:03 AM)  
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Suzanne  – (December 14, 2007 at 5:56 PM)  

What a great memory of Tasha Tudor, having taken tea with her and visited her garden I can relate to how special the experience must have been for your grandmother. Oh to have visited the Ginger and Pickles store!!!

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