Riding, Riding in my Car

Our drive to Prince Edward Island was 12 hours each way. Our kids had a grand time in the car. E set up a nest in the back with pillows, paperdolls, fairy stencils, her Cranium activity book....and Harry Potter, Book 3. We didn't hear from her for most of the trip in either direction.

On our trip from PEI to Fundy, we hit a major storm with 50+ mph winds. The bridge was closed and we spent 6 hours, along with all the other trucks and RVS on PEI, waiting for the bridge to open. The girls watched a DVD on N's computer, wandered the gift shops, and somehow kept occupied.

On our big drive back to Vermont, we got held up at the border by an International PARADE that was forming. Even the shriners were in line for the border. Helen spotted a yarn store, hopped out of the car, and spent our last Canadian dollars on knitting needles. She settled down and knit the entire way home using up my spare yarn from the totebag I was knitting. Final car story--a FLAT TIRE on the trailer on the way home.

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