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DH and I spent part of Memorial Day weekend building our porch. The girls were left to their own devices and spent a little too much time telling us they were bored. School gets out in less than two weeks, and I'm determined not to spend the summer listening to tales of being bored. Being bored can be a good thing--my hope for the summer is that we slow down so much that some days just slowly drift by without us even realizing it. That said, I can't listen to being bored complaints all the time.

So, we came up with the beginnings of a "Bored List."

write a letter or draw a picture for your grandparents
find an interesting plant to press
bake something
find an interesting shaped stick & whittle it
build a fort in a magical place--bring a picnic
ask Mom & Dad for a paying job
plan a fun dinner or breakfast
build a birdhouse
learn a fiddle tune
bake bread
pick out a Valley Quest hike to go on
play in the stream
make a dress for your doll
go berry picking and make jam
plan a day trip --research where to go and the itinerary for the day
play in the hose

It was fun generating this list and it continues to grow. At one point during the day I heard H say "Come on E, let's go look at the bored list." They ended up writing notes to their grandparents and sewing up a grand supply of beautiful head bands. E then got very inspired and sewed her doll a dress. FABRIC WAS EVERYWHERE. What a mess--a sure sign that something creative was happening.

Simmy –   – (May 31, 2007 at 4:39 PM)  

Hi Sarah,

I'm so glad you've got a blog as I can keep up with what you're doing now.

We also have a list - ours is called 'Holiday Fun' for some reason and it has 43 things on it! The children used to refer to it a lot and it's a great idea.

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