Scenes from Christmas

Helen arrived home from college after driving al 11 hours herself.
Liz was so happy to see her!!

She came home to a winter wonderland.

We had decorated outside, but waited to decorate inside until she could help.

 We went to a beautiful Christmas tree farm to cut our tree and found some other ways to amuse ourselves.

Nelson's 50th birthday involved decorating the tree in the morning 
and cake that night.  

He made us gorgeous advent log this year with extra spots for votive candles. It was bright and festive.

 Christmas brought a family celebration in Portsmouth.
Here we are on our traditional walk to the fish market to get Christmas Eve treats.

And the following day brunch with our closest family friends.

There was lots of secret elving that included use of sewing machines, spray paint, saws, polyurethane, wool, pipes, glue, drills, and measuring cups.

Christmas Eve arrived and the cat settled right in amongst all the presents.

We played games and were merry.
Anomia was the favorite game this year.

Cinnamon Rolls are always first on the menu Christmas morning.

Christmas dinner was roast beef!

It seemed like the baking in our household never stops.

What a beautiful Christmas!

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