Keeping Traditions

St. Nicholas has always arrived at our house in early December. It is a simple tradition that requires glitter and chocolate coins. Sometimes there is a tiny something else. 

In 2009 the girls got crafty and made little elf shoes. St. Nicholas brought St. Nicholas mugs.


Over the years, the shoes have gotten bigger, but the tradition has remained pretty much the same.


With Helen off to college and due home this week, I wanted to send off a little Christmas spirit to her dorm room. What better way than via our St. Nicholas tradition? I lined a box with tomten wrapping paper, filled it with fiberfill and glittery stars, and layered in some elf slippers filled with chocolate coins and the required chocolate santa.

 I was happy to find the little pattern the girls had used tucked away in my craft cupboard.

 Helen was thrilled to receive her package.  
St. Nicholas didn't forget to fill Lizzie's slippers here at home.

Keeping traditions is tricky now. Liz wasn't so in to leaving her shoes out (in fact she forgot), but I know that they'll remember this when looking back as adults.  They will have forgotten those shoes by the fire from when they were tiny.  So, Liz rolled her eyes a bit and Helen was delighted in the tradition remaining alive. I imagine Liz will be delighted when she is at the college post office picking up her chocolate coins and I imagine their children will be leaving shoes for St. Nick too. Traditions during the teen years are worth keeping.

Tammie  – (December 10, 2014 at 10:37 PM)  

I stopped over from ETST and I have to say I love that blog SO much! I see you had Vermont in your blog name and I am also from VT. I read your post of the girls leaving out shoes and would just LOVE to know what that all stemmed from if you would like to share. My email is I do have a blog but due to health reasons haven't wrote on it in a great deal of time. I truly. Hope you are okay with me checking out your blog and hope to hear from you. Happy Holidays to you from my family in Vt.

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