Spring has Sprung!

Here's the first day of spring at our house.....

And here's our road a few days later.

To combat the snow and mud I filled the kitchen with flowers.

Liz experimented with spring cookies. These sugar cookies, baked in muffin cups with a smidge of coconut toasted on top were sweet but delicious!

I made my first yogurt and, time permitting, will never go back!

Easter brought more wishes for spring. 
This is my tabletop meditation on the potential of spring and the promises of Easter. 

Liz and Helen made our traditional Easter cookies. They are orange with orange frosting. They made over 100 cookies for the whole family.

Easter morning brought new bunnies and chocolate.

The girls piled 40 Easter cookies on a plate and covered them with candles in honor of my brother's 40th birthday.

While spring has been muddy and cold outside, it has been full of warmth, flowers, sugar, and love on the inside.

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