The Winter Solstice

The winter solstice dawned a dark, cloudy day in northern New England.  We decided to mark the solstice by joining friends and neighbors in the One Earth One Voice project this year. The idea was that 50 million people all around the world would gather together to sing a Nigerian song--Ise Oluwa.  After all the tragedy in Connecticut, I just felt the need to stop and reflect and sing with friends and neighbors. 

We arrived at the local Episcopal church function room to find a circle of people standing quietly in the dark with a lantern glowing in the center. One by one more friends arrived. At 5:00 we sang. We sang the song over and over for 15 minutes. We looked into each other's eyes, we closed our eyes and sank into the sound, we watched the candle flicker.  It was meditative. 

And when we came out, we discovered a rainbow had halted people in their tracks all over town.

Ise Oluwa: That which the creator has made can never be destroyed.

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