Handmade Christmas 2012

Opening our handmade gifts on Christmas Eve is such a cherished tradition that Helen has already begun worrying about how she'll make gifts when she's in college! We wait until after dinner for this special occasion. Here's what we made:

I did a lot of knitting this year. 
I made Nelson this striped hat that matches his wool coat.
Helen knit a matching scarf for him.

Nelson made this earring hanger for Helen. 
She has already re-organized her jewelry.

Slouchy beanies seem to be in fashion and both girls begged for them.
I obliged.

Liz made Nelson this cheese platter from a piece of slate. 
She gave him chalk so he can write the names of different types of cheese on it.

Nelson made me this shelf for the bathroom

Liz made this bowl and stones for Helen out of sculpey. Each stone has a word on it that defines one of Helen's qualities. When you put them in a line, the first letters of each word spell "Love Always, Liz"

Helen made this sterling silver necklace for Liz.  I am so jealous.

It was a "Dr. Who" Christmas and Nelson made this Tardis ornament for Liz out of an old clementine crate.

Helen made me these sterling silver earrings. She created and soldered the outer loops by hand.

Liz made me these two beautiful punch-sewn snowflakes. 
I am going to get them framed.

I'm already gathering ideas for next year on Pinterest. I am "Maymomvt".

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