Final Weeks of School

We are in the final countdown to summer.

Helen had her last crew race. We snagged a ride with the coach and got to chase the race down the river. As we rode up to the race we heard her say "OMG my parents are in that boat!" She's in front in the white t-shirt and was promoted to "stroke" which means that it is her responsibility to set the rate and rhythm of rowing. They won the state championship!

She has also begun volunteering at a local hippotherapy organization. Here she is returning a horse to pasture. Her primary responsibility, however, is to support a child who is receiving therapy. She is loving this work. There is a high-level of confidentiality with this work so I can't take any photos of her working with the child. Suffice it to say that it is very inspiring.

Liz is deep in to her final weeks of school and is beginning to bring home some of her work. Here is the bowl and spoon she made this year.

This week we have Liz's class play--she's the jester in "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court," a semi-formal, a crew banquet and final exams prep.  PHEW.

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