See our maypole filled with flowers

May Fair was simply beautiful this year. 
I am so glad Liz is still at the Waldorf School so we have the opportunity to stop and celebrate spring in Vermont.  

Her class opened the may pole dancing with a morris dance and then played recorder for the other dances. Each grade does a gradually more complicated dance weaving the ribbons in and out.

I let Helen skip biology and leave school early to come to the dancing. She was shocked that I was willing to do that, but I think she needed to get out of the high school for an afternoon of dancing! I wasn't prepared for the fact that she'd be in black leather and jeans while everyone else was in white! I love the smile on her face. It was the right decision!

King Winter and Lady Spring arrived to have their friendly little discussion about seasonal change.

They settled the debate with a giant tug-of-war.  Of course spring won (but it was close as most of the boys tend to side with King Winter).

There were the usual crafts for the young children and the annual tournament of cake decorating.  The kids have a "cake walk" --sort of like musical chairs. If you win, you get a cake. Helen didn't win a cake until 8th grade.  Liz won this year...and guess which cake she choose?


The SNAKE CAKE. This cake makes its appearance every year and is much coveted.
We ate snake cake all. weekend. long.


See our Maypole filled with flowers,
From above, the blossoms tower,
Fragrance rich, and perfume rare,
Pretty scents that fill the air.
Violets blue and daisies white,
You are here for our delight;
Daffodils and roses, too,
Pretty flow'rs for me and you!

Dawn  – (May 21, 2012 at 3:25 PM)  

This looks like so much fun. I have never seen a Maypole dance. Maybe next spring.

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