En Quebec

There is something a bit disconcerting to see headlines "Vermont students trapped over St. Lawrence River" when your Vermont child is .....over the St. Lawrence River.  This photo is of a group of Vermont HIGH SCHOOL students being rescued from a gondola over the river.

This is Liz's photo taken from the bridge where she was safely watching with her class. Apparently they missed the above gondola ride because they had to stop on a quick errand.

Liz was gone all last week on the traditional 7th grade French trip to Quebec City. They began the trip at St. Benoit du Lac where they attended a mass and heard the beautiful music.

I couldn't share very many photos because most were filled with 13-year olds! They stayed at a youth hostel (where there was another Waldorf class staying) and toured the city. They walked to the local boulangerie each morning to buy fresh croissants.

One evening they enjoyed a dinner with raclettes.  It looks like so much fun.

They shopped, visited museums, went on a ghost tour, hiked, and ....most importantly...hung out.

beaucoup de plaisir!

Elizabeth came home on top of the world (and we're glad she wasn't rescued via a zip line).

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