Light the Advent Candle Three

The third week of Advent brought serious work on handmade gifts. We each make a gift for each family member to be opened on Christmas Eve.

But first Liz had her Green Mountain Youth Symphony concert. They sounded great.
They got to go on tour to various schools which was a lot of fun
(especially since she got out of school for the day).

Nels chose a sewing project for a gift this year. It has caused a lot of angst getting the machine to do what he wants it to do.
Note, family, I blurred out the critical part of the photo :)

Liz is taking no chances on anyone seeing what she is making. She created a gift-making fort in her room. It is lit by a tiny fake Christmas tree with lights. She has spent hours in there. I have NO IDEA what she is doing.

It took me awhile to come up with good ideas this year, but I now have a plan....and just need to execute it.

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