A Snowy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving continues to be my favorite holiday. I love hanging out with my family wherever we decide to celebrate. This year it was at the family lake house.

Our family really loves pie--everyone has a favorite and my feeling is that this is the one meal of the year where everyone should get what they want--no holding back. So, here's Liz working on pie. There was pumpkin (2), chocolate, pecan tart, apple, apple cranberry, and blueberry! My current favorite is my Sister-in Law's bourbon pecan tart. Note to self...blueberry pie can be runny...and can drip out of a pie basket...all over everything else....

We woke up on Thanksgiving morning to a beautiful blanket of snow. The snow, while beautiful, certainly caused a flurry of telephone calls about plowing, power, timing the turkey, and travel, but everyone got there. There was power. And the turkey cooked!

We spent the day down on the lake. There was a lot of fishing.

Nels's sister called while we were hanging out on the water needing help with her gravy.

The kids made a snow fort and of course there were snowballs tossed around.
Helen thought this was a very strange combination of events...fishing...snowballs...gravy instructions....suntanning (as the Moms were doing)....

This puzzle had to get done by dinner so we could use the table...the pressure was on.

The gray November sky brought us a treat at the end of the day.

And, to cap off our time together, we brought out the movie projector and watched the old family films....forwards and backwards as children were tossed into water and snow and flew back out.

For me, that's what Thanksgiving is about--Family.

Francesca  – (December 5, 2011 at 11:57 AM)  

Oh the family projector...it reminds me of my youth and my dad in Italy. Moving to the USa meant separating from all of that too but I have the memories.Thanks for the lovely though and photos

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