I recently created a book of last year's blog for the girls (using blurb). I splurged and had a copy made for each girl as I know how much they love to read them. While I was working on the book I reflected on why I blog and the fact that I haven't been blogging as much. I resolved to do a better job at recording our family's life as these entries are really family keepsakes. So, in light of that, I bring you Halloween in an effort to catch up.

This year Helen had a rehearsal and Liz decided that she didn't want to trick or treat as she had a costume party with friends the weekend before. In light of this, the only thing I did to prepare for Halloween was to purchase a pumpkin and get a bag of candy in case we had some trick or treaters. It was a little strange to think there would be no Halloween as the girls had always said it was their favorite holiday. Here they are a few years ago dressed as "light and dark."

On Halloween afternoon, the girls arrived home and suddenly realized they had to do something. They quickly carved the pumpkins which they named Paul and Ringo. My first surprise of the day was that they did this leaving no trace behind....they totally cleaned up.

They then created a festive Halloween dinner table, complete with kit kat bars tucked neatly into martini glasses.

And that was Halloween!

Nelson and I were a bit bewildered at this sudden turn of events.

Francesca  – (December 1, 2011 at 12:12 PM)  

I really l;ove reading your blog, although I rarely comment. It is so important to see people with growing children Waldorf style. My son is in public school but I love Waldorf. Sometimes though I think it is good for young kids. Well, your blog shows me the opposite!!!

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