The Medieval Games Tournament

The day after our 6th graders were knighted, they participated in a Medieval games tournament and quest. They competed in archery, jousting, and other similar events. Liz broke the school record for flu-flu archery. She was so proud.

After a lunch put on by the parents--with this castle cake I made for dessert--they divided into pairs and went on a quest that tested the virtues of humility, kindness, generosity, and diligence. It was basically a treasure hunt with clues. At each stop around the school they had to solve a riddle and complete a task, collecting golden rings as they went.

At the end of their big day, they gathered their shields and walked down to the field for a big secret capture the flag (medieval style) game. They had no idea that waiting for them was a huge crowd of parents, older siblings, and alums. Somehow, this event has been kept secret from the younger students at our school for years. Here we all are waiting.

The high schoolers (and their parents) had so much fun reuniting during the wait. It was hard to get quiet when the kids were approaching.

Here they approach, cresting the hill.

Here they come!
They were so surprised to see us all.

Parents and siblings tied ribbons onto the 6th graders so they would know what teams they were on.

Here is just a few of the people on the field. What a beautiful spring day.

Wow were we all tired by the end of this great afternoon.
It is such a huge game, with parts for all, that parents were able to dip in and out and the game just went on.

Liz is excited for next year when she gets to be part of the big secret.

Tammy  – (May 11, 2011 at 9:39 AM)  

I think this is such an amazing event. What a blessing this school has been to both of your girls!

Lovely World  – (May 15, 2011 at 4:49 PM)  

The activities of your recent posts sound so fun. You are lucky to have that community to raise your kids in.

I hope your husband finds the book as interesting as I did. I come at it in multiple ways - as a student of science, as a clinician, and as someone who has had cancer. I thought the author brought all of those concerns together very nicely.

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