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Meet Pix and Kathleen. I made these two dolls for the girls a few years ago. E still plays with Kathleen, but, sadly H has put Pix away. To make these dolls I used the Magic Cabin pattern. I have tried other patterns and have found this one to be easiest. I've also used the pattern to make big gnomes out of old sweaters.

There is something quite magical about making a doll. I love how the doll's personality slowly comes forth. I had intended the blond doll to actually be a fairy for H and the redhead doll to be for my redhead E. However, as the dolls began to take shape, Kathleen, the larger-headed blond, just seemed to want to be for E, and sweet little Trix just seemed right for H. I must confess that I have as much, if not more attachment to them than the girls.

I really don't like to make doll clothes. Luckily, these dolls fit into "Bitty Baby" size from American Girl so I look for clothes when I go to craft fairs.

Ilse –   – (October 6, 2007 at 4:55 PM)  

How cute !!
I love your dolls !

dolls are one of the most precious things I 've ever made and they 're so wonderful and magical to make. I'm glad to hear, you also feel a great attachment to them ( even more then the kids, haha)

Susan  – (October 7, 2007 at 9:55 PM)  

Your dolls are truly special. A few years ago my mom made each of my girls a doll from that same Magic Cabin pattern. Just like you observed, each doll is unique, with her own personality. They are both beautiful, but very different, just like my girls.

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