Happy Halloween, I think

One of my children's most favorite holidays and my least favorite holiday is finally here. They successfully have constructed costumes out of things they had or things from the thrift shop. My only purchase of Halloween glop was a bottle of *hopefully* wash-out purple hair dye.....

E announced this morning that she was looking forward to the Candy Sprite visiting tonight. I have never heard of this little creature, but apparently the Candy Sprite has visited other children in her class, leaving items such as American Girl Doll clothing in exchange for candy. Harrumph. I'd like to leave a big bowl of beautiful veggies in exchange for the candy. Think it would work??

I brought back the masks they are wearing from New Orleans. They are not wearing them tonight, but tomorrow night at a neighborhood party.

Anonymous –   – (October 31, 2007 at 10:33 PM)  

Tha candy sprite. Here it is the switch witch. Now if I can only find the flashlights I got for them on sale weeks and weeks ago...
I really enjoy your blog!

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