Summer Sleepsacks

We are heading off to Prince Edward Island in a few days. As we began to look at our gear, we realized that H needed a new sleepsack. The one she made last year is much too short because she chopped off part of it and turned it into a pillow. Last year, we made sleepsacks by taking two pieces of fleece, 2 yards long and laying one on top of the other. The girls then cut strips around 3 sides and tied the strips together. The resulting sleepsacks have been used on sleepovers, while watching movies, on the porch--everywhere.

For our new sleepsack, we sewed around the three sides and made a casing at the top for 1" elastic. I think this will actually be cosier and hold up a little better. We had enough fleece left over to make a carrying bag. We're getting excited for our camping trip!

kneek  – (August 14, 2007 at 12:42 AM)  

This is brilliant! My daughter complains constantly that her sleeping bag is too short, but we don't want to buy her a new one. Your solution is perfect! Thanks for the idea.

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